Every first today, shapes your tomorrow

University is a time full of ‘firsts.’ There will be your first O-Week, your first lecture, and that slightly awkward first conversation with a new friend. You might move out of home for the first time, perform in your first revue or try out a new sport or hobby.

But the firsts don’t stop here at UNSW. You might also consider studying abroad for the first time, attempt your first start up or get your first internship. With so much on offer, there will be no shortage of firsts for you to make the most of.

University will open up opportunities for you that you didn’t even know existed, and set you on a lifelong path of discovery. Welcome to UNSW, and a lifetime of awesome, enriching and inspiring firsts.


My First Year

Seven students. Twelve months. Countless firsts. My First Year gives you backstage access to the first year experience at UNSW.

There are inspiring subjects, countless social opportunities, parties and gigs you’ll never forget, and a whole bunch of new friends to hang out with. But for many students, first year delivers its fair share of stress, tears and hardship.

My First Year takes you behind the scenes and shows you what first year was really like for seven students.

My First Year Episodes



Seven bright young students come face-to-face with their doubts, hopes and fears as they start their first year at UNSW.


Evie talks design, Rameh gets his first taste of group work and Cara is happy to find a group of kindred spirits.


Isaac reveals how his family life shaped his career goals, Cara confronts her karaoke nerves while Evie gets some constructive criticism.


Far from friends and family in Iran, Mohamad gets stuck into his study while Kristy takes on a little too much, too soon.


Exams are looming, everyone’s stressing out, Cara’s youth allowance is denied, but at least holidays are on the horizon.


Evie’s art takes on a darker theme, Annisa joins her fellow nerds in law revue rehearsals and Isaac gets what he really wanted.


Rameh brings some Middle Eastern flavours to campus, Annisa goes all Katy Perry and Cara learns something new.


Exams are done, Uni’s out and the students reflect on the year that was and what lies ahead for 2018.

UNSW Social Clubs

Find your tribe with over 300 different social clubs

There’s a lot more to Uni than lectures and cramming for exams. Joining one of our social clubs or societies is a great way of easing your way into first year.

You’ll get to know a few more people, build your confidence, and have a whole lot of fun in the process.

UNSW Peer Mentoring

Get advice from those who have lived it

Peer Mentors are students who’ve experienced what you’re going through. Your mentor will probably be in the same degree program as you, or from a similar background, but more importantly they’ll understand the ups and downs of Uni life, and be able to answer any questions you have about first year.

UNSW Live Gigs

Check out the Roundhouse for that all-round social experience

The Roundhouse has been attracting leading Australian and international acts for years, but there’s more to this iconic building than rock ‘n’ roll.

Stop by for Trivia, check out Ciderfest and don’t miss the famous Start of Session parties.


Make the most out of your UNSW experience

If you missed the Official or Faculty Welcomes, don't worry. We've summarised the Tips for Success from all our past and current student presenters, so you can adopt them to ensure you do well at UNSW.   

  • Volunteer for an UNSW Advantage program to build those soft skills you’ll need in an academic and real-world setting - Interpersonal communication, creating thinking, teamwork, decision making, time management, staying motivated, being flexible, problem-solving, critical thinking, conflict resolution. Each program is AHEGs accredited.
  • Be micro-ambitious – from the smallest things, big things grow. Find your talent and be the best at it.
  • Network! Network! Network – Regardless of Faculty, form relationships with students who have similar or complementary interests. Who knows? You may work together on changing the world!
  • Writing and presenting – Keep practicing and it will become second nature.
  • Learn the essential techie skills – understand the basics for Excel, a little bit of coding and maybe an intro course in reading statistics.

Vice-Chancellor's O-Week welcome message

UNSW President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Jacobs welcomes new students to UNSW.

For more info on expected student behaviours check out: